Tyler Godwin, CFNN Reporter

Our last official bowling match took place this past Wednesday, January 29th. The boys finished with a composite score of 869, a drastic improvement from last week’s score of 790! The girls tallied a final score of 784.

Since it was senior night, Coach Mike penciled in all of the seniors as the starting lineup to give everyone a final good set of games.

The Seniors from the Girls’ team poses for a picture.

After the second game, he switched out a couple of players to experiment increasing the team’s pin count. It was an effective move, as they eventually passed Douglas Byrd, the school bowling in the next lane.

The first game was one of the team’s best, with a final score of 175. The Colts left only two frames open, as the rest were spares with a couple of strikes thrown in.

Coach Mike stops for a picture with Reagan Duncan after she qualified for the State Finals.

Douglas Byrd topped the Colts by a fewer than 10 pins, jumping ahead by throwing triple strikes in the 10th frame. After the 3rd game, the Colts battled back and took back the lead, passing the Eagles by at least 30 pins and steadily increasing the gap. 

Gray’s Creek still took the lead, with Terry Sanford not far behind, leaving the Colts to hold their position at 3rd, earning a spot in the conference finals!

The girl’s conference match was this past Monday, while the boy’s will be held this coming Monday at B&B Bowling Lanes, starting at 3:00 pm.

The girls performed admirably in the conference match, with Regan Duncan placing 3rd out of all bowlers. Since both the girl’s team and the guy’s team made it into the top 4 teams in the county, both teams will be going to the state finals on Wednesday, February 5th! Way to go Colts!