Christian Tuminski, CFNN Editor/Reporter

Believe it or not, it’s the second semester already. Scary, right? If you’re a new arrival to Cape Fear, chances are you’ve been plagued with the age-old question – what are you going to do with your life? For many students, this is a question that can promote fear, anxiety, confusion, upset stomachs or worse, but maybe we shouldn’t stress too much about it.

“Why?” you might exclaim. “I haven’t even figured out what career I want to pursue yet!” However, there are many ways that you can start preparing for college or other paths, even if you haven’t even thought of a good career yet. 

Let us start with the most obvious: a career choice. Above all else, you must choose a career that you are passionate about, not simply what pays the most. Money sounds good, but if you have to do something you despise just to get a hefty paycheck, you will become an unfulfilled person.

Many people have fallen into the gears of necessity or greed and completely overlooked doing the things they love. Have you ever wondered why there are so many teachers if they hardly get paid more than a low skill job? The answer is that most teachers are passionate about what they do.

Microsoft Word and Powerpoint with Mrs. Waters.
An example of one of many elective classes which
help to cultivate valuable skills.

Search your feelings and find something that you love doing, and set your sights on it.

Now that you have that in mind, what’s the next step? There are so many places to start. However, a college degree can help you. If you have a career in mind that requires a degree, then your first priority should be to start taking AP classes as soon as possible. Seriously, it’s free money. 

We have fully explored the AP program in another article on our website, The Truth About the AP Program

However, perhaps college isn’t your thing, or you don’t require it. Trade schools and apprenticeships are also available for those wishing to get into engineering, electrician work, technical professions, and mechanical professions, and everything in between. For the working men and women, it is important to take classes such as Auto Shop offered here at Cape Fear to prepare you for such things in the long run.

Suppose you don’t want to do that, either. Maybe you’re looking to start up your own business or enterprise? Well, Cape Fear offers an Entrepreneurship class with Mrs. Emily Freeman! Young people with the aptitude for it are given the push to start up their ventures, but remember that you could still greatly benefit from a bit of business schooling.

Drafting students hard at work in class
with Coach Hanes.

Aside from specialized teaching, it is important that every student take classes such as Personal Finance and Career Management. Core classes are good, but classes that truly prepare you for life are extremely important. When one considers the bigger picture, not knowing how to balance a checkbook or even write a check could be very detrimental in the future.

We have everything at Cape Fear. Want to be an actor? We have a theatre class. Want to be a violinist? We have an orchestra class. Want to be an artist? We have art classes. Want to be a farmer? We have one of the most prestigious FFA programs in the county.  Cape Fear has something for everyone, and all that remains is for you to find what you want to do, and seize the day.

What’s the takeaway for you fresh arrivals to Cape Fear? See your opportunity and take it. There’s no reason to not be preparing for the future because the future for the Freshman class is now.