Spring is right around the corner, and right along with it is the start of a baseball season. But just because the season hasn’t started yet doesn’t mean that the team is sitting around. The team’s training is kicking off this week with the first team scrimmage, so I went and interviewed Coach Britt to see how important this practice is for the team and what it means for their season. 

Coach Jarrod Britt is ready for his first season at the helm for the Colts after spending the last several years as an assistant at Pine Forest.

Although it might seem like just a normal practice, it is very important for the players to show what they can do.

“This week is kind of a special event because this is our first chance to get on the field when it’s super wet, but I want to see the guys see some live competition,” said first year Colts Coach Jarrod Britt. “ Next week we’re getting some work done on the field, so this is probably going to be the only one before we pick teams.” 

The coaches still want the players to attack it with a degree of seriousness. 

“The whole point of intrasquad scrimmages is to be as realistic as possible other than that, everything’s game speed,” said Coach Britt.

The Colts faced off against each other in the intrasquad scrimmage last week.

The team is already having to adjust their plan, as bad weather pushed the scrimmage back from Tuesday to Thursday. 

“Whenever the weather affects stuff we can’t get on the field like we want to,” said Coach Britt. “It always throws a wrench in things, but I don’t mind changing things up, it’s the name of the game and you have to adapt.”

Coach Britt knows what kind of players that he is looking for. 

“I’m looking for guys that work really hard, and I’m going to put them into positions that will hopefully help them succeed.” 

It was a beautiful day for a ball game!

One of the biggest advantages of this scrimmage is being able to draw the line between Varsity and JV players. 

“I’ve got a couple of guys that are going to be throwing for us that I think could really help themselves as far as a decision between JV versus a varsity player.”

The Colts have demonstrated their commitment to the team and want to win during the off-season. 

Colts players test their skills against their own team.

“We’ve had some really good participation numbers,” said Coach Britt. “I’m really happy with what I’ve seen and the guys are working really hard.  I have guys coming out and working consistently, and that’s the key, is that I want them to go out there and be consistent.”

Coach Britt has high goals for his first season at Cape Fear. 

“I have high expectations,” said Coach Britt. “I think we’re going to compete for a conference championship.” 

Time will tell just how baseball fares with their season, but with all their pre-season preparations and diligent work ethic, their season might be a home run.