Aoife Russian, CFNN Reporter

The temperature is dropping low this week for many Floridians, but that isn’t the only thing that is dropping. Many iguanas in southern Florida have been stunned by the fast dropping temperatures as they reach into the low 30’s and 40’s.

The cold temperatures put them into a state of shock in which they don’t awake until warmer temperatures arise.

The forecasters have warned citizens of Florida of cold-stunned iguanas falling from trees. The cold temperatures will soon disappear around Wednesday when the iguanas will wake up.

Thankfully, iguanas are not dangerous to humans, however, they can damage sidewalks, seascapes, and foliage. 

One of the casualties of the Falling Iguana Crisis.

Typically Florida has a warm and welcoming climate towards these creatures. However the weather is unlike normal and forecasters urge Floridians to be on the lookout this week.