Christian Tuminski, CFNN Editor/Reporter

Students at Cape Fear are often too caught up with their studies, wanting to go home, or sleeping to realize just how much history is in the walls they walk through. When people think about school, “Wow, I sure do like how that place looks!”, usually doesn’t come to mind. At least, not outside of a university or college. However, Cape Fear’s got tons of landmarks and services that no student should overlook!

Let’s start with the new front office. Typical of a school nowadays, but to this year’s seniors and juniors, it’s a rather new and very welcome conversion of an old classroom. The lobby is well decorated and sports two different desks. There is a front desk for parents and visitors and an attendance desk dedicated to only that.

Next, we have the main office. Recently redecorated, it now sports a brilliant outer decor composed of the school colors, and on either wall is a trophy rack showing Cape Fear’s many outstanding achievements, which are still being added to.

Here, we have the Student Services offices. Hosting all of the school’s counselors, this is a frequented spot visited by all of our students for a variety of reasons, ranging from college or course selection advice to the beloved schedule changes.

Further down the hall is the Library. The Library is home to people with online classes or people who prefer to spend their time off to study in silence. With so many books and computers in one place and so much quiet, it’s no wonder why the intelligent and the erudite frequently inhabit this part of our school.

Next are the amphitheater and inner courtyard. While students rarely get the time to come here during the day, certain classes like theatre make regular use of the amphitheater as practice. Even if it is mostly vacant, it is a place to quietly reflect and contemplate, and it is a little slice of Cape Fear history.

The Auditorium is full of sophomores
receiving class registration advice.

The next stop on our tour is the Auditorium. Here is where all of the dramatic stage life occurs. From concerts to lectures to plays, it all happens here. I vividly remember my first time seeing Cape Fear’s production of The Great Gatsby. Don’t miss Midsummer Night’s Dream in April! For more information, click here!

Just outside the auditorium lies the student entrance hall, also known as the Band Lobby. Based on this picture, the New Gym is to the right and the Auditorium is to the left. Junior and Seniors with their own vehicles frequent this area, and according to the words of my old tour guide from when I was a Freshman, “These are the most well-traveled stairs in the whole school.” This also serves as a classroom for Colorguard at the end of the day.

Back outside, we have the outer courtyard. This one is a bit more well-traveled, and students gather here in the morning before school to discuss the more coarse sides of life and express their woes in such quotable lines as “Bruh, I hate this school,” or “Dude, I want to go home.”

They don’t know what they’re missing. Seriously.

Ending our virtual tour is the Flagpole. This is the first thing that most people see when they enter the school in the morning, or when they leave in the afternoon. Proudly displaying the flag of our country, this little patch of ground is good to look at and acts as a center of communication for kids who are picked up from school at the end of the day.

Now that you’ve seen Cape Fear’s landmarks, all that is left is to visit the school in person and see just how awesome these places look in person. If you’re a student, you should learn to appreciate the smaller points of our school.