Christian Guillory and Skylar Stanley, CFNN Reporters

Deputy Schrauger hard at work.

      Deputy Schrauger, our school resource officer, can frequently be seen throughout the school paroling our hallways, but that is just a small part of what he does here at our school. He plays a big part in helping to ensure the safety of our community.

     Many people think that being a school resource officer is just about maintaining order at our school, but in fact his job is much more complex. “A lot of people think I’m here to enforce the rules, but that is not the case. I’m here to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement and build relationships with the students.” he said. Clearly, Deputy Schrauger takes his job very seriously.

     Being the bridge between students and law enforcement means that he is always there to help students if they have any problems going on at home or school. He is also free to answer any questions that students have pertaining to law enforcement. 

      But Deputy Schrauger has a history in law enforcement that extends past his time working here at our school. This is his sixth year working in law enforcement. He first started out working as a deputy in a jail for nine months serving warrants on inmates. After that he worked on the road as a police officer before coming to work at Cape Fear as a School Resource Officer. When students are out for summer break Deputy Schrauger says he either works on the roads or as a detective. 

      Today in the news we often see police officers displayed with a negative connotation but in reality law enforcement plays a much more positive role in our community. Deputy Schrauger wants people to know he’s here to help, not harm. “I became a school resource officer to show that law enforcement is here to help people and build relationships with the community.” he assured us.

      Deputy Schrauger is much more than a law enforcement officer. He is a positive role model to students, and has a huge effect on our school as a whole. The Colt Family just wouldn’t be the same without him here at our school.  Cape Fear is truly blessed to have someone so dedicated to the community here on campus.