Memorie Brooks, CFNN Reporter

Adults have probably told you repeatedly that reading is important and you should read more, and you’ve probably just ignored or didn’t believe them. But whoever told you that isn’t lying about the many benefits that come with reading. 

Reading books is a great way to pass time. You get to follow along with a great story. It could expand your knowledge about the world around you and broaden your vocabulary.  

Books come in many different genres. There’s fantasy, adventure, romance, mystery, horror, and so much more. It all depends on the author who writes it!

Cape Fear’s Media Center

With all the different kinds of books out there, it’s not hard to find one that you’ll love. 

Cape Fear has a media center where students can check out books. Students can check out a maximum of three books at a time. The books can be checked out for two weeks, but students can always renew them. 

Barbara Gates, Cape Fear’s media coordinator, agrees that students should be reading more books. “Literacy affects every aspect of your life. The more you read the more you know, the more intellectually prepared you are to deal with the world.”

Mrs. Gates suggests that students who don’t normally read books talk to their school media coordinator or public librarian and tell them what interests you. They’ll find you something that you’ll love to read.  

Cape Fear’s Manga Collection

Manga right now is a big thing in schools. Manga is a type of Japanese comic similar to Anime Cartoons. It is an extremely popular genre with teenagers. In fact, Cape Fear has one of the first Manga collections in Cumberland County. There is a huge variety in the Media Center. Students who don’t want to read a lot can still read the stories through different graphics and little writing. Many times, reading Manga will lead to reading other books with the same kind of action. 

Reading is a good thing that everyone should do. As technology becomes more and more prominent in our lives, we also the option of eBooks. Through Kindle, Books from Apple, and other services, you can have an entire book just in the palm of your hand!

Books can help you escape from the daily stress of everyday life, and all you need to do is turn to the next page.