Laniya Bell, CFNN Reporter

Quiz Bowl is having a fundraiser, and they’re selling beef jerky! Why beef jerky you might ask? 

“They are more high end than selling candy,” stated Mr. Smith, one of the coaches of the team. “They usually sell out. I’ve been doing a poll with some of the classes and at least everyone in the class says they will buy them.” 

Mr. Smith is the Quiz Bowl Coach

Mrs. Herron and Mr. Smith not only want to raise money for Quiz Bowl, but they also want to bring in more students. They plan to branch into to the Science Department, the English Department, and the Agriculture Department since they usually are the ones selling beef jerky. 

The Quiz Bowl students aim to start their fundraiser by the end of February, and if all goes well, they won’t stop selling; Mr. Smith would like it to become a year-round fundraising effort.

Ms. Herron also coaches Quiz Bowl

This month, they plan to sell to students, teachers and others outside of school. They will try to sell them at high traffic areas of the school, like when students are headed to the buses after school. It’s always nice to have a snack after a long day at school!

They’ve set a reasonable goal. They want a raise about $500 to pay for bus costs and shirts for next year, and they would like to possibly go out to eat after a tournament. “It brings more students to quiz bowl,” stated Mr. Smith about the motivators. 

They will be selling for $1.50 a bag. Please help support their fundraiser. Bring in some money and give someone a special, tasty gift!