Alexis Fowler and Kaley Autry, CFNN Reporters

Here at Cape Fear we have many outstanding students, and one who really stood out to the CFNN staff was Mikayla Bullard, a junior here a Cape Fear.

Mikayla is a straight-A student who is very invested in her school work. She takes honors and AP classes. She is also involved in Key Club, which is a school organization whose purpose is to help encourage leadership through serving others in our community.

Mikayla is also a part of Harvard Model Congress. She is extremely excited to be able to attend this event. She said, “It demonstrates what Congress is really like, and that’s something I love about it.” When asked what she does during these events, she explained to us that she writes potential bills and speeches to present to a “model” congress.

Mikayla is sixteen years old. She does not have her driver’s license yet but is looking forward to getting it soon. Mikayla lives with her mom, step-dad and little brother. She also has a lab named Buddy.

In her free time she enjoys doing makeup, especially eye shadow. “I just like it because I get to play around and be creative with it. It makes me happy,” she said.

In five years Mikayla sees herself with a steady job and her own house. She is not sure which school she wants to attend. One of her goals is to go into the Air Force when she graduates high school, then join the Reserves to go to college. She would like to major in History and Law and Justice.

Mikayla’s favorite show is “Good Girls.” She doesn’t really have a favorite genre of music, or any specific artist because she likes all types of music. Mikayla loves chicken and that it’s her favorite food. Her favorite color is purple.

Mikayla loves it here at Cape Fear. She explained to us that it’s because of the teachers. She even mentioned that she feels like she can always talk to Coach Joe Grates, Mrs. Spry, and Coach Mac since they are very understanding.

Mikayla was thrilled to have been chosen for Cape Fear’s student of the week! She was so excited to be selected that she didn’t even hesitate to tell us all about herself.

This well-rounded student definitely deserves the recognition of Cape Fear’s student of the week! Mikayla Bullard really shows her Colt Pride and is the epitome of a great student!