Photo Courtesy of: Johnny Horne

Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

Cape Fear High School is known for its broad range of programs. From FFA to Theatre, Cape Fear has it all. One thing you might not think of is our Winter Guard program. Our program competes in the Atlantic Indoor Association at different schools all over the state. 

The JV show, “Technological”
Photo Courtesy of: Johnny Horne

Last year the Varsity’s show was “The Carnival is Over,” and the JV’s show was called “A Step Beyond.” Both were very successful! The Varsity show placed second at championships, which was their biggest competition of the year.

This year, both of the shows feature unique themes. The JV show is called “Technological” and is based on different types of music. The Varsity show is called “Carmen” and is based on the show “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” 

Neither team has earned a first-place finish yet, but the season has just begun.  Varsity has competed twice and JV has performed once, but more competitions are upcoming.  Everyone on both teams has high hopes, as they have been working hard to perfect their routines.

The Varsity show, “Carmen”
Photo Courtesy of: Johnny Horne

The varsity team is made up of members who have previous experience in fall or winter guard. This year the JV team has 25 members. Almost half of them are brand new to color guard. Members old and new are working dilligently to learn how to work together to create a good show.

Winter Guard teams are not only composed of high school students. The First Flight Winter Guard is made up of college students from all over the state. Spectators at the competitions are always excited when they perform, because they know they’re witnessing the “best of the best” all on the same team. Another team people enjoy watching is Assemblyline. This team features a wide variety of ages, as some of the performers are over 50 years old.

Photo Courtesy of: Johnny Horne

The Colts’ most recent competition helped them grow tremendously. Their first competition was held at Rolesville High School on February 22nd. Their hard work and dedication was definitely evident in their performance.

The teams will also perform here at Cape Fear on March 27th for an exhibition. The biggest competition of the season is the AIA championships, which will be held on March 28th at the Crown Coliseum. 

Come on out and support the Winter Guard Colts at one of these events to first-place wins!