Memorie Brooks, CFNN Reporter

Many students at Cape Fear take the bus to get to and from school. For some, they have no other way of transportation. This makes it all the more important for students to demonstrate proper bus behavior while on the bus. 

James Troy Smith, a bus driver for Cape Fear and Mac Williams, says that he often sees students standing up, walking, pushing each other, or just playing around while on the bus. “I expect students to stay seated and sit in their assigned seats,” says Mr. Smith. 

Willie West, who also drives buses for CFHS, says that she gives students three strikes before taking disciplinary action. “After that, I talk to them one on one, we always talk about discipline one on one,” Mrs. West says.

Students who misbehave or don’t follow the rules may be written up or sent to the office. Riding on the bus is a privilege and not a right, so students can be suspended or even banned from riding the bus if they need to be. 

You’ve probably been told most of this already, and you’re probably tired of hearing the same old thing over and over again; most people don’t actually know how important it is to show proper bus behavior.  

Both Mr. Smith and Mrs. West agree that misbehaving on the bus can be a safety risk. Misbehaving students cause the bus driver to draw his or her attention off the road and on to the students. This, of course, is dangerous and may lead to a traffic accident. 

Most bus drivers use a hand signal for students who have to cross the road to get to the bus. This lets the student know that no cars are coming and it is safe for them to cross the road. 

Even though it’s rare, there have been situations where students go to cross the road, just to have a car speed pass and barely miss them. I personally have witnessed one of these situations happen before, while I was on the bus. 

Following the rules and showing proper bus behavior is really important. Not only can it get you into a lot of trouble, but can also cause a major safety risk to you and everyone else around you. It’s important that you stay seated in your seat at all times and listen to your bus driver. 

From the great words of Mrs. West, “Be kind, loving, and respectful towards each other.”