Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

On February 22nd, 2020,  the Cape Fear Varsity and JV Colorguard competed at Rolesville High School. Both teams performed extremely well for only the third competition, respectively. The scores from each team were high and showed an improvement from the last competition.

Haley Shumake and Alyssa Naylor pose after the competition last Saturday.
Photo Courtesy of: Johnny Horne

The Varsity show, “Carmen,” competed in a higher class with much tougher competition. The team finished in second place with a score of 69.6. That is an amazing feat, considering the team was moved into that class a week before! Their score increased considerably from previous competitions. This improvement signifies even more improvement through the remainder of the season. 

The JV team placed fourth at the competition. The show, entitled “Technological,” was impressive, especially considering half the team is made up of new members. Their team score was 57.02, which is a good score for this point in the season. The team missed third place by only 0.61. The difference is extremely small, and with work, they have a good chance finish a competition in first place.

Cape Fear’s teams once again performed admirably and show signs of continuous improvement. They were fun to watch, as usual, but the best performance of the night was reserved for the First Flight Winter Guard. This team is made up mostly of college students from our region and is not in the same class as the Cape Fear teams.

The show was in full effect Saturday!
Photo Courtesy of: Johnny Horne

In the middle of their performance, the floor went pitch black as the lights unintentionally went out! Nothing could be seen for several seconds, but one by one, people activated the flashlights on their phones. The crowd cheered for the team to keep performing. When enough flashlights illuminated the team for the crowd to once again see, it became apparent that the team never stopped performing! Even in total darkness, they continued their performance. The lights came back on after about a minute. It was an amazing performance worthy of a championship finish. Click on the link to check it out! First Flight Performance. The video on Facebook has 107,000 views in only four days! The team did what no other had done before and kept going in the dark!

The best part of these competitions is the sense of camaraderie among the guards. Teams cheer for other teams and wish them success. The Colorguard community is great because everyone encourages each other. The Rolesville Competition was no different.

The competition was a success! The growth proves that both teams are going to do great things this season, and this is only the beginning.