Tyler Godwin, CFNN Reporter

Elections for the Student Government Association are coming up soon, beginning on March 3rd. If you, for whatever reason, do not happen to know what the Student Government is, then sit back and prepare to be informed.

Student Government is a leadership development class that promotes school spirit, participates in many community service projects, and aids students in the area of building good character and teamwork abilities. Students who want to take this class must run for a leadership position. 

The positions available are the same for each grade level, as well as the executive class. For each class there must be a president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer. The same positions are available in the executive class, with the addition of a historian.

The executive class works mainly with the administration, informing them of upcoming events, activities or needs of the Student Government. 

The executive president serves as a chairperson of the executive council and as the voice of the student body of the SGA. 

The vice president will take up the duties of the president in their absence, and assume control of the position if it becomes open. 

The secretary essentially keeps record of all the meetings that take place and the information shared. 

The historian’s job is to archive all the documents from projects and events, and make a scrapbook of all the activities during the school year.

Finally, the treasurer is in charge of the financial aspects, such as holding the money and keeping a record of all the expenses throughout the year.

These positions, with the exception of the historian, apply to each grade level. Students must run for an office position to be in the class, even if they do not win it. 

Students who are not elected into an office position will be representatives for their class. However, if any officer positions open up, then students in that class will elect a representative to take that place in office.

There are several serious benefits that come with being a member of the Student Government Association. Not only does it help with building character as previously mentioned, but it looks good on your transcripts for college, and it provides you with plenty of opportunities for community service. This class also helps develop the socialization and teamwork skills necessary in your daily life.

If you or anyone you know may be interested, Mrs. Johnson will have applications available on March 3rd, and they will be due by March 13th. No applications will be taken after the 13th, so get them turned in fast! There will also be a meeting on March 29th for anyone who plans on taking the class. Cape Fear needs a few good officers, could one of them be you?