Christian Guillory, CFNN Reporter

Mathematics. One of the most daunting subjects in school. Yet, somehow one teacher makes it seem so easy. This week’s CFNN Teacher of the Week highlights one of the most outstanding teachers on campus, Martha King! 

One of Mrs. King’s main goals as a teacher here at Cape Fear is to reach her students and let them know that if they try they can understand and succeed in math even if it might seem challenging, to begin with. “I guess one of my favorite parts about being a teacher would be taking a subject that seems so hard and out of reach for most students and putting it in a way they can better understand.” 

Ms. King helps a student during Math class.

As a teacher, Mrs. King faces many challenges on a daily basis but one of the biggest ones is being able to get her students to recognize the importance of their education. “One of the hardest parts about being a teacher is getting students to take their education seriously.” 

Nowadays in school, there are many distractions and obstacles that can easily draw students away from focusing on their education. She is such an amazing teacher because she dedicates herself to encouraging her students to learn and grow as individuals. Cape Fear is lucky to have a teacher like Mrs. King here on campus.

Mrs. King has not always wanted to become a teacher, though. A North Carolina native, she originally went to school so she could become an attorney. She first attended Fayetteville State University then later transferred to UNCC. One of the main reasons she decided to switch majors and become a teacher was so that she could help other people and be able to have a positive impact on their lives 

Ms. King is regarded by students as one of the most helpful teachers at Cape Fear.

“In order for me to keep my scholarship, I had to mentor people, and the first person they gave me was 42 years old. She couldn’t get it to save her life, but after I helped her and she finally got it, the expression on her face was priceless. I knew then I wanted to teach.” She ended up graduating from UNCC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Math, and a minor in Physics. 

She not only impacts the lives of students at Cape Fear but the entire community. She helps tutor students who attend private schools on certain weekdays. Outside of school, Mrs. King enjoys working on her makeup and skincare business and spending time with her family. Being able to spend time with her two sons, step-daughter, and husband is one of her biggest priorities. 

One of her favorite quotes is from basketball star Kobe Bryant. “I have nothing in common with lazy people who blame others for their lack of success. Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses.” She strongly believes that with enough work and dedication, her students can accomplish anything they set their minds to! 

Mrs. King is one of the most exceptional teachers on campus and part of the glue that holds the Colt Family together. It is an honor to have a teacher as dedicated as Mrs. King here on campus. Hopefully, she will continue to teach here for many more years to come!