Elli Chew, CFNN Reporter

Last Friday, the Varsity Baseball Cape Fear Colts took on perennial PAC-9 powerhouse and rival Terry Sanford. With some timely hitting and solid pitching, the Colts earned a Friday night vicotry. 

In the Colts’ second game of the season, the coaching staff had high hopes and expectations. “I always expect my players to go out and give their absolute best. Our guys were down by 4 runs at the end of the 3rd inning and battled in the top of the 4th to put up 6 runs and take back the lead for good,” said Coach Britt.

When two teams claim such a heated rivalry, students and teams often let the rivalry get the best of them, but according to Coach Britt, the team did just the opposite.

“It is easy to get caught up in the ‘BEAT FTS’ stuff. Our mindset all week had been, ‘It’s just another game, beat the game.’ I think we did a great job at removing the emotion that goes along with playing a rivalry that can sometimes affect focus without removing the energy that is needed to play your best game.”

According to Coach Britt, there were some execution errors from the team earlier in the week, but this time, the players made the improvements that the coaches were looking for. “I think we improved on our plate approaches. In the Richmond game, we had some guys that didn’t adjust well and didn’t execute when they needed to,” Britt said after the game. “Tonight, we made some huge adjustments the second time through the lineup. We were patient at the plate and had some great quality ABs.” 

“Justin Lambert and James Sealey both had multi-hit games, primarily hitting doubles. Ethan Ashlock (2.1 IP) and Kyle Molivas (3.2 IP) did a great job on the mound for us. Kyle Molivas picked up his first win of the year,” said Britt. 

Zach Smith, Justin Lambert, Seth Jackson, Nick Minacapelli, James Sealey, Aaron Smith, Cole Sutton, Jason Quesenberry, and Cade Oliver each scored at least one run.

The teams traded runs in the first, keeping things even at 1-1. After a scoreless second inning, Terry Sanford put four runs on the board with a home run, a double, and a single. At this point in the game, it wasn’t looking too good for the Colts, but they made an extraordinary comeback.

In the top of the fourth inning, Cade Oliver, Aaron Smith, Cole Sutton, Zach Smith, Seth Jackson, and Justin each scored, taking a 7-5 lead.

The Colts made a comeback and never looked back. Cape Fear added three more runs in the top of the fifth as Jason Quesenberry, Aaron Smith, and Zach Smith scored, making the score 10-5.

It the top of the sixth, Nick Minacapelli, Cade Oliver, Jason Quesenberry, Aaron Smith, and Cole Sutton all scored to go up 15-5. The Bulldogs went down in order in the bottom of the sixth to seal the victory for the Colts. 

“We’re always hoping to come away with a win,” says Coach Britt. “I’m hoping for another quality performance from our guys. Pitchers need to throw strikes and our approaches at the plate need to be consistent with what we saw Friday. Again, it’s a game, we have to execute and beat the game.”

With the Colts’ incredible win, every student is in high spirits and hopes for more wins this season. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!