Caitlin Smith holds a new poster for the drive.

Eli Benbenek, CFNN Reporter

As the Environmental Club’s calculator drive comes to an end, the club has found a new way to help around the school. The club is close to its goal of two recycling bins for the cafeteria, but they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. 

Mrs. Edmonds and Emma Aquino

This Monday, the club is starting a new drive for aluminum cans and spare change! The drive will take place during all lunches, so just look for the Environmental Club table to stop by and donate. 

Environmental Club member Emma Aquino said, “Now that we almost have the money for recycling bins, some will be going to liners for the bins and other money will be going to any future project for the club.”

As for why the Environmental Club is branching out into these new endeavors, Emma says, “No one has done this before, and we want to set the precedent of being proactive and aware of helping the environment.” 

As always, the club is actively looking for new members, so if you’re interested, be sure to stop by Monday afternoons in Mrs. Edmond’s room.