Memorie Brooks, CFNN Reporter

Eli Benbenek returns a serve.

On March 4th, the Cape Fear’s Boy’s Tennis team won their first match of the season against Overhills High School! The score was 6-0 for singles and 3-0 for doubles. 

Eli Benbenek, the team’s first court and team captain, says that he found the match only a bit difficult. “A lot of us had some mistakes going on, just simple stuff that we need to work on and fix for our next match, but I think overall the team did well.” 

Eli thinks that this match was a good indicator of what the Boy’s Tennis team is capable of. He thinks that this year’s team is a solid one and that this match showed what they can do. 

Cape Fear players warm up before the match.

Spencer Hales, a freshman on the Tennis Team, says that his first-ever match for the Boys Tennis Team was a good one. When asked if he thinks that his team is ready for their next match he agreed wholeheartedly. “Yes, I think we did very well,” he said. 

We congratulate the Boy’s Tennis Team on their first winning match of the season. It’s a great start and we look forward to seeing more of what they’re made of during their next match on Monday against Terry Sanford High School. 

Good job, good luck, and keep up the hard work!