Taaliya Bennett, CFNN Reporter

Cape Fear High School has a variety of activities in which students can participate. There are a multitude of sports, academics, and clubs to fit just about any interest! Most of these clubs are accustomed to meeting in person, so while students are still learning over video conferencing calls, and sports have currently been pushed back until spring, we are left with one nagging question: how will these activities continue while we are learning remotely? 

The first of these clubs is Science Olympiad. We caught up with Mrs. Robinson, the club’s sponsor. This is a science-based competitive club where students work with teammates to construct and conduct several different experiments against other schools. They compete in several types of events like testing, laboratory experiments, physics, and more!

To become a member of Science Olympiad, you would normally need to attend the interest meeting. There are dues needed to be paid for competition fees. 

“The fate of Science Olympiad is still undecided. If the state director decides to allow the club to operate, then they will complete mini challenges related to the normal events. Students will record themselves doing the challenges and send them in to be judged,” Robinson stated

Students enjoying each other’s
company and their activities
in HOSA last year.

Still, Mrs. Robinson is looking forward to what can come from this, and is excited about what her students will do. “My favorite thing about Science Olympiad is working with the students and seeing how hard you guys work when you are preparing for an event,” she continued.

Another club with its fate up in the air is HOSA. This stands for Health Occupations Students of America. It is an organization for students who are interested in health sciences and want to further their education in the healthcare field. HOSA builds leadership in this field through their classes and competitions. 

You do not need to be in the health science classes to be a part of HOSA. You can join the club by just paying the $20 dues.

The main mission of HOSA is to empower future health care professionals and become leaders in the global health care community. “My favorite thing about HOSA is the bond that we create and watching my students grow, ” Mrs. Allen, HOSA’s sponsor, states.

Mrs. Allen would like to have virtual meetings. She plans to have a meeting sometime in the upcoming weeks. They are going to have the virtual regional competition, but the details have not been established yet.

SGA sponsor Mrs. Jackie Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson is enthusiastic about new ideas for SGA. SGA stands for Student Government Association. They are a student council that represents each class’ grade level. The executive council holds the most influence in decision making. They are the ones who can ensure students will be heard.

To become a member of SGA, you can fill out an application and get positive referrals from teachers. If you’re interested in running for an officer, you will need to record a video for your campaign. If chosen, your grade level can vote for you. More information on this can be found from Mrs. Johnson. 

SGA is planning to do a pen pal program for nursing homes. Since they can’t go and visit in person, Mrs. Johnson is continuing what they would usually do if they were. Even though we have to stay 6 feet apart, Mrs. Johnson still loves watching the impact from SGA in the community. “My favorite thing about SGA is the communication between the SGA and the community,” she exclaims.

Lastly, Key Club International is the oldest and largest student-led leadership and service program in the world. It actively promotes leadership and character. It was cultivated through the service of others. By being actively involved in the community and helping those who are in need, Key Club continues to be an essential part of the Cape Fear family.

Mrs. Angela Spry-Lucas,
Key Club’s sponsor.

To become a member, you need to fill out an application and pay the annual dues of $30. You must maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and have no discipline referrals.

Maintaining good citizenship and scholarship are important throughout the school year. You also have to meet the minimum requirements of 50 hours of community service per academic year, and 20 of those hours are required to be Key Club events.

Mrs. Spry, the sponsor of Key Club, is currently in the process of finding other ways to communicate with members and to encourage new membership.  

Next month, she hopes to be meeting with the members to outline their goals and objectives for this year. They will begin to do virtual meetings and work together to find new ways and opportunities to still serve our community.

“My favorite thing about Key Club is watching our members develop and embrace the Key Club core values of character and leadership is definitely up at the top of that list.  Their compassion for others is a cornerstone of the Key Club experience. I have been very fortunate to be a part of their journey,” Mrs. Spry exclaims. 

Through the effort and dedication of students and teachers, these clubs will still function greatly this year. It might not be in the traditional way, but we know that these clubs will bring much success and pride to Cape Fear!