Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

Since we’ve started back to school, many students are struggling with the online aspect of learning. As our generation has unfortunately found out, it can be extremely difficult to learn by simply watching your teacher through a screen.

Our goal at this point is to make the best of this situation and do whatever we can to be successful. The key to having a good semester for most students is to be persistent and keep a positive attitude, so we asked teachers to nominate students who have handled online learning in the best possible way.

One student who has shown success through it all is Ejahya Smith.  Ejahya is a sophomore here at Cape Fear, and is this semester’s first Cape Fear News Network student of the week! 

Even though she unfortunately missed part of her freshman year, she is carrying a positive outlook for this year. She misses pretty much everything about school. “I miss sitting in the classrooms, seeing my friends, and being there with my teacher,” says Smith. One of the hardest parts of virtual learning for most students is not being able to see their friends in a casual school setting.

She is not a big fan of online learning, but knows that she will get used to it eventually. It seems as though she is doing well, considering her American History I teacher, Mr. Jarrod Britt, nominated her for student of the week.

Besides American History I, she is taking Principles of Business and Finance, Animal Science and Math 2 Honors. Out of all three of her classes, she really enjoys her Principles of Business and Finance class the most.

As a freshman, Ejahya didn’t join any clubs or play any sports. She was saving them for this year, and she was really looking forward to being able to join some clubs. She is interested in joining the Speech and Debate team (which is still accepting new members). 

In her free time she enjoys drawing, and she also loves to listen to music.

Ejahya is a good student and an even better person. We can all learn from Ejahya because as Mr. Britt said, “She is making the most of this new opportunity,” and a positive attitude during this time will help us get through it!