Claire Sutton, CFNN Reporter

Mrs. Lewis’ family (from left to right), her son Bateman, daughter Layne,
Mrs. Lewis, and her husband Mark.

A kind soul and phenomenal math teacher, Mrs. Lewis is special teacher here at Cape Fear High School. Her engaging attitude, upbeat energy, and unique teaching style, have brought life to her classroom! She is one of a kind, and she continues to share her love for math with her students.

After graduating high school, Mrs. Lewis continued her education at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, North Carolina, where she received her B.S. in Mathematics. She then went on to Fayetteville State University where she earned her Master’s in Education. 

Mrs. Lewis is currently in her 40th year of teaching with Cumberland County Schools. “I truly believe that the reason that I have been able to teach as long as I have is because I always get the very best students,” she replied with a smile. Before arriving at Cape Fear High School, Mrs. Lewis spent 13 years at Douglas Byrd Junior High. She also taught summer school during nine of those years.

Lewis is more than just a math teacher, she is also wife and a proud mother. “My non-teaching related accomplishment that I am most proud of is being the mother of my children: Estelle, Bateman, and Layne. They are the greatest gifts God gave just to me,” she stated. 

Mrs. Lewis pictured during her first and
now fortieth year of teaching.

Mrs. Lewis is a very intelligent and determined woman. One of her greatest accomplishments of her teaching career is becoming a National Board Certified Teacher in 2007. This prestigious honor is difficult to achieve, but for Lewis, it was just what she was supposed to do.

Over the span of her amazing career, Lewis has also been voted teacher of the year twice by her colleagues. She was first elected at Douglas Byrd Junior High and then most recently at our own Cape Fear High School.

“The greatest honors have been the kind words that I received in the form of notes, letters, cards, emails, social media posts, and visits from former students. Words that indicate that in some way that I made a positive difference in their lives,” Lewis expressed. 

You will not find a more dedicated teacher who make sure her students not only learn math in her classroom, but also learn life lessons and skills. Mrs. Lewis makes it her mission to make sure when students leave her classroom, they will understand the importance of organization and different studying strategies that they can use for the rest of their lives.

“The moments that warm my heart the most are the moments when I hear my students have graduated and are living happy, fulfilled lives,” Mrs. Lewis said.

Mrs. Lewis with Mr. Edkins
supporting her daughter,
Layne, and the Cape Fear
bowling team.

With her catchy songs and phrases, Mrs. Lewis has made math interesting and fun for many students. “I still use Mrs. Lewis’s catchy phrases and songs today,” says former student Cole Sutton. She is passionate about making sure her students learn different concepts so that they will succeed in the future.

Mrs. Lewis loves her job and it shows! “The students are my absolute favorite part about teaching. It is such a blessing to watch as my students grow both socially and academically,” she replied.

“Mrs. Lewis is the kind of teacher who inspires other teachers.  She brings her 40 years of experience and knowledge to every class by being excited about the math she is teaching.  She also reaches out to help new teachers develop their craft.  Cape Fear High is lucky to have her example of excellence.  I am lucky to call her my friend,” said longtime colleague Shannon Hancock.

It is obvious that Mrs. Lewis’s Cape Fear family is very important to her. It’s also obvious how much other teachers respect Lewis. She shares her love for Cape Fear with her students and is adamant about showing school spirit. “The students, faculty, staff, administration, and the community are simply the best,” she says.

Before the pandemic, it was not out of the ordinary to see Mrs. Lewis decked out in her cape fear apparel cheering on her colts at a Friday night football game. It is always encouraging to see your teachers supporting their students even outside of the classroom.

Mrs. Lewis has been a blessing to her students, staff, and school. Even during uncertain times, Mrs. Lewis always purveys a positive outlook on the situation even if it’s not ideal. She has a true heart for blue and gold, and she believes, “There is nowhere else I’d rather be.”