Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

This week’s student of the week is someone who is persevering in the midst of chaotic times, and he is pushing through the struggles of online learning with a positive attitude, all while navigating the tasks of his senior year. Joseph “Bryce” Davis is a senior at Cape Fear.

Bryce is involved in several activities at Cape Fear, but one of his favorites is the Marching Band. He is currently serving as the drum major in the band. He actually became a drum major as a junior, beating out seniors who are usually chosen. Although not unheard of, it is rare for the Marching Colts to name a Junior as the Drum Major. In a band with the reputation like Cape Fear’s, that is quite an accomplishment!

When it comes to school, Bryce actually enjoys virtual learning, but he does like learning in person more. His favorite thing about online learning, though, is the convenience of being able to have a job while simultaneously being a student. “It’s nice to be able to make money,” he says.

The thing that Bryce misses the most about physically being in school is the ability to have face-to-face conversations with his classmates and teachers. It can be hard to have discussions in class because most students have their cameras off and microphones muted.

This semester Bryce only has three classes. He is taking Drafting 1, Spanish 2, and AP Literature. “Like a parent loves their kids, I love all my classes the same,” he said.

His Drafting 1 teacher, Matthew Hanes, nominated him for student of the week. “I am very happy to have him in my class,” Hanes expressed.

Bryce also finds time to mentor freshmen at Cape Fear. He has been a mentor for two years, and he truly enjoys the opportunity to connect with younger Colts. When we return to school, he is excited to be able to mentor the freshman and to meet his mentees.  Bryce is a great student and friend.

“Bryce is a stellar, conscientious student who not only cares about his own success, but also goes above and beyond to help elevate the performance and success of other students,” Hanes went on to say.

Bryce is a leader in class, and he seems to be a student who participates in every class discussion. His friendly demeanor and positive attitude have made online learning easier for his classmates. All of his teachers are also very happy to have him in his class.

“Bryce is the type of kid who just gives off positive vibes. He is laid back and friendly,” reflected his AP Literature teacher, Mr. Grates. “He is outgoing and fun; he is confident enough to share his opinions in front of his peers, and he puts his classmates at ease. He makes the whole remote learning thing much less awkward for everyone!” Grates added.

Thank you for being a good student through these tough times, and for being so involved in the school, Bryce!