Mr. Britt with the 2020 All County Chorus students back in February.

Claire Sutton, CFNN Reporter

Congratulations to Mr. Jason Britt, a graduate of our very own Cape Fear High School, on being named this week’s teacher of the week! With an enormous amount of talent, Mr. Britt has been a huge asset to Cape Fear’s arts program. Students adore Mr. Britt and his class. He is adamant about sharing love for music with all of his students.

Mr. Britt is the Chorus and AP Music Theory teacher here at Cape Fear High School. He is known for putting together and presenting outstanding performances and programs. Britt never disappoints with his performances. His students respect and love being a part of such an amazing program and group.

After graduating high school, Britt continued his education at Methodist University and received his Bachelor’s of Music. He went on to East Carolina University, where he earned his Master’s.

Mr. Britt can often be seen playing golf
while sporting his ECU golf head covers.

Britt has had many accomplishments during his teaching career. For two years, Mr. Britt was the Director of the Cumberland Choral Arts, which is a community choral group located in the Fayetteville area. He has also had the honor of being asked to be the clinician for a variety of All County Choruses for other districts in North Carolina. 

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Britt LOVES to play golf and participate in any outdoor activities. 

“His class is a place where everyone can go to be themselves and have fun. Mr. Britt challenges us with new songs every year that we have to work really hard to learn, but in the end it pays off,” says Amelia Shook. 

Mr. Britt’s special class environment has been the highlight of many students’ high school experiences. It is a place where students are challenged, but have an amazing time learning new techniques and getting the opportunity to meet new people.

Mr. Britt with the Cumberland Choral Arts.

Britt has made his classroom a place where every student feels comfortable in expressing their love for music. “Mr. Britt was always really understanding and such an easy person to talk to. He is so dedicated to being there for each of his students and is one of the most compassionate and hardworking teachers I know. I am very grateful to have been a part of his class,” former student Amber Autry stated. 

As you can tell, Britt is highly thought of and has made lasting friendships and impressions while at Cape Fear. “My favorite part about teaching is the relationships I form with my students,” Mr. Britt replied. His dedication to his job shows through every aspect of his personality. You can truly tell that he loves his job and being able to reach his students.

Teaching music in the virtual world is definitely a challenge and an adjustment, but Mr. Britt is trying his very best to still connect and communicate with each of his students.

Mr. Britt has been teaching for 27 years and has spent 24 years at Cape Fear. We are lucky and blessed to have such an intelligent and talented teacher at Cape Fear. I think we can all agree that Cape Fear High School has the best teachers. With his compassion and dedication, Mr. Britt has been a beam of light in the community and at Cape Fear High School!