Claire Sutton, CFNN Reporter

Agriculture educator Ms. Haley Bueing is the teacher of the week! With her lively energy and personality, she has connected with many of her students while here at Cape Fear. The Academy of Agriculture and Natural Sciences program is very Popular at Cape Fear and Bueing has been an excellent asset.

Bueing graduated from the University of Mount Olive with a bachelors in science-concentration in Ag. Education. Ms. Bueing has always had a passion for agriculture. She shares her love for the subject with all of her students.

Bueing has been very successful in her educational career. She was the first person in her family to graduate from college with an American Degree from the National FFA organization. She is an inspiration to many of her students and continues to push them to their fullest potential and intelligence.

Bueing in her first year of teaching.

Ms. Bueing is working on her second year of teaching. She teaches Agricultural Mechanics I and II. Agricultural Mechanics is a course that focuses on hands-on activities such as welding and the building of different objects. This is a class that many students who have an interest in the mechanical side of things enjoy.

Although Ms. Bueing has only been teaching for two years, she has become a favorite among her students. Kids look forward to going to her class and learning something new. She has made a very positive environment and continues to try her best to teach her students where they fully understand different strategies and concepts.

Bueing’s students really look up to her and admire all of her accomplishments. “She always found ways to make notes and lessons fun and entertaining. She never treated any student differently than others and never said no to helping her students with an assignment,” says former student Kyle Molivas. She has made her classroom a place where kids are always intrigued in what they are learning. 

“She always has a smile on her face and is always very encouraging,” Molivas says.

Teaching a hands on course can sometimes be challenging when trying to keep students attention. Bueing has done an excellent job of making sure her students are learning the proper concepts while still having fun. “My favorite part about teaching is seeing kids reach their fullest potential. I love seeing that light bulb go off when a student finally gets it.” Bueings stated. Her students admire her interest in the ag program and are so lucky to have her as a teacher.

When Ms. Bueing is not teaching her students, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Bueing also loves to cook during her free time!

Ms. Bueing has continued to be a strong part of the agriculture program at Cape Fear. We are blessed to have such a wonderful program with fantastic teachers like Ms. Bueing who are dedicated to their job and the success of their students.