Mya Kirby, CFNN Reporter

The soon to be nurse Breonna Taylor, 26, was shot and killed in her own home on March 13th, 2020. Two officers entered her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky executing a search warrant. The officers knocked before forced entry, but whether they verbally announced their identity before barging in or not is still being determined. 

Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, thought they were intruders and shot at them, hitting one of the officers in his leg. The officers fired 32 shots, 8 of them hitting Taylor, killing her. According to a lawsuit filed by Taylor’s family, her death was a result of a “botched drug-warrant execution.”

On May 22nd, 2020, county prosecutor Tom Wine held a press conference, where they played an audio from Walker’s interrogation. 

Walker said, “There was a loud bang at the door,” and said that Taylor asked multiple times “At the top of her lungs ‘Who is it?’

None of the officers announced themselves before forced entry. 

“If I would have heard at the door, ‘It’s the police,’ it changes the whole situation,” Walker explained. “There’s nothing for us to be scared of. We could have opened the door like, ‘What’s the problem, what’s going on?’ The only reason I had the gun was because we didn’t know who it was, if we knew who it was that would have never happened.” 

The officers were not charged in the death of Breonna Taylor. They were charged with endangering the neighbors when the bullets went through the walls.

Thousands of people were enraged with the lack of attention the case was getting, so they proceeded to protest and riot, starting the “Say Her Name!” movement for her, but as of yet, there has still been no justice for Breonna. Until then, advocates will continue to shout her name louder.