Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

Positivity can be hard to find when things seem tough, especially in a time like this. This week’s student of the week does everything he can to find positivity. Charles McNeill is a sophomore at Cape Fear. He is currently taking Math II, Foods II, American History I, and Accounting I. 

He was nominated by his American History I teacher, Chris Lucas. Charles works hard in all his classes and he tries to be positive through it all. When Charles was asked about his dreams, he said he one day hopes to be a successful YouTuber. He plans to start his channel as soon as COVID settles down.

His goal is to make people happy. He wants to make positive content for people to enjoy especially considering everything going on.”I want to be the difference” he stated, “ motivate others and push them to their goals, whatever they want to do.”

Charles is also working hard so he can hopefully play football his junior year. He thinks it would be a good experience for him, and his family really wants to see him on the football field. 

Charles’ friends are one of the reasons he works so hard. “They all push me and I push them so we can all be great,” he stated. All of his teachers and friends would tell anyone that Charles is a positive and outgoing person. 

His favorite quote is from J. Cole and it is, “There’s beauty in the struggle, and ugliness in the success.” Charles likes this quote because through the struggle, you change to become a better person. The other side to this quote is that when you become successful, you sometimes change for the worst. 

Thank you Charles for remaining so positive throughout everything!