Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

Traveling anywhere right now is definitely a strange thing to think about. So, what’s it like going to Disney?  Is Disney still the happiest place on earth or is it a disaster? 

 Disney World is currently operating at 25% capacity. Normally 57,000 people are let into the Magic Kingdom but now, only about 17,100 people are allowed in. The tickets are split evenly between, pass holders, park guests and resort guests. 

Guests also have to make reservations for a specific park before they go and guests are not allowed to park hop. ”Another con is that you’re only allowed to attend one park a day, so even though as an annual pass holder I’m paying for the “park hopper” option, it’s a service I’m no longer getting,” says annual pass holder Alicia Morris.

 Megan O’Rourke, another Disney pass holder stated, “It seems like an equal split but the Annual Pass holders reservations go a lot quicker because most of us are local.” This leaves tickets open that pass holders could use. One positive thing about the reduced capacity is that the lines are a lot shorter.  

Megan went on to explain that she even had to buy a regular ticket because passholder tickets were sold out the day she wanted to go. She spent $150 on each ticket so she could go to a park with her family. 

Despite that, guests feel extremely safe in the parks. “I feel safer at Disney than I do anywhere else in Florida,” a former Disney College program participant stated. “They are great about enforcing proper mask wearing and keeping space between guests.”

To keep guests safe, Disney has taken many precautions. “Masks are also mandatory and surfaces are constantly being wiped down between use,” stated Haley Sweat, a Disney passholder. They also have put up plexiglass between lines and stickers on the floor, so guests know where to stand.

Another precaution is that all guests get a quick temperature check before entering the parks. One of the bigger changes, however, is having to stay in one spot to eat your food. Guests are used to being able to walk around the part with food in their hand. Now they have to sit down and finish their food before heading to their next ride or show. 

Disney guests are feeling safer at the parks than anywhere else. If you are wanting to travel, Disney is a good option to look at! Would you go to Disney during a pandemic?