Claire Sutton, CFNN Reporter

With her phenomenal personality and determination, Ms. Edmonds is our teacher of the week! Edmonds is well known here at Cape Fear for her extraordinary science classes. She is always willing to take the extra step to make her classes exciting and enjoyable for all of her students. 

After graduating high school, Edmonds continued her education at North Carolina State University where she received her undergraduate degree. She then went on to UNC Pembroke and Fayetteville State University to complete her Master’s degree.

Ms. Edmonds has had many accomplishments and fantastic experiences during her teaching career. Outside of the classroom, Edmonds used to coach softball. She had the opportunity to finish her JV coaching career with an undefeated season, and had the chance to take her team to King’s Dominion.

Ms. Edmonds loves having the chance to take her students on some interesting field trips such as; Whale watching, camping and hiking. Lastly, Edmonds was selected as Cape Fear’s Teacher of the Year. She said that one of her biggest accomplishments is getting to see her students move on and become successful in life.

Edmonds has been teaching for 28 years and still continues to leave a lasting impression on all of her students. Teaching Biology Honors, AP Biology, Marine Biology Honors, Zoology Honors, Botany Honors and Anatomy and Physiology Honors, she has had the chance to interact with a variety of students at Cape Fear.

Students at Cape Fear love going to Ms. Edmonds science classes. She is dedicated to making sure that students not only learn important information, but also learn how to be creative and have fun while doing it. Edmonds makes it her mission to make her classroom organized, entertaining, and a fun place to learn. Her classes are formatted in a way that is supposed to prepare students for the future and college.

Edmonds always tries to make her students successful while giving them the skills and information they need in order to better their education. “Ms. Edmonds knows everything about her subjects. She is very good at teaching her students and she is so smart. I have taken Anatomy and now I’m in Marine Biology. Before going into these classes, I knew next to nothing. Everything she has taught me sticks in my head. I usually forget information in classes right after I take the test, but Ms. Edmonds has a way of making information stick in your brain,” Chloe Grider stated. 

Students at Cape Fear love Ms. Edmonds and her class. Her positive energy and intelligence reflects through her teaching and her classroom. “My favorite part about teaching is interacting with the students and seeing that moment when they truly learn the material I present and show their confidence in recalling what they have learned,” Ms. Edmonds replied.  

When Ms. Edmonds is not teaching, she enjoys going to the beach, traveling, and going on cruises. She loves anything dealing with the outdoors and nature. Some of her favorite things are reading, writing short stories, biking, and playing racquetball.

Ms. Edmonds has a heart for teaching and her students. Even through the virtual classes, Ms. Edmonds has found a way to make her class energetic and intriguing.  She is one of a kind and has made a lasting impression and impact on all of her students that she has taught. Her intelligence, dedication, personality and love for science is what makes her such an outstanding teacher.