Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

This week’s student of the week is Tamia Moore! Tamia was nominated by her teacher, Ms. Christel Cooper-Walworth. She is a senior at Cape Fear this year. She is looking forward to her future after high school. 

Tamia is doing very well in school despite the challenges of online learning. “She participates in class discussions,” Cooper-Walworth stated. Participating is great because many students are struggling to stay motivated with online learning, meaning that participation can falter. Tamia is staying strong and keeping her motivation high!

Tamia is a passionate Wolfpack fan!

Tamia’s teachers give her a lot of work and it is sometimes difficult to finish it all, but, Tamia works hard to make sure she is able to finish it all. “[She] has completed and submitted all of her assignments correctly and on time, with minimal assistance from me,” Cooper-Walworth said.

School is not as enjoyable online as it is in person for Tamia because she misses seeing her friends. When asked about her favorite part of school she simply stated, “Making friends.” The lack of communication is one of the worst parts of online learning. 

After Tamia graduates this year, she wants to take some classes at NC State. “Go WolfPack!” she exclaimed. She also plans to get a job. She is also excited because her and her boyfriend are graduating together. 

What makes Tamia so special? Tamia is an OCS student who is working hard on her assignments. As her teacher stated, “Despite her challenges, she has risen to the challenge of remote learning.” She is “definitely one to celebrate!”