Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

This week’s student of the week is Djephnie Pierrecharles! Djephnie is a sophomore at Cape Fear. She is the student of the week because she is a natural leader.

She was nominated by 1st Sgt. Marcus Tucker, who is in charge of her JROTC class. “I couldn’t pronounce her first name if my life depended on it,” he said, “but she is certainly putting forth the effort we look for in great leaders.” 

Djephnie takes NJROTC during her first period. Her second period is American History I, then her third class is Math 2. Her last class of the day is English. Her English class actually is for helping her learn the language. She is not from the United States, and was originally born in Haiti. 

She really misses Haiti and especially her friends. She would go on school trips with them and hang out after school. Haiti has beautiful water and beaches, and tourists enjoy visiting the part of Haiti that Djephnie used to live in. 

Djephnie’s favorite foods are pizza and donuts. Her favorite color is purple, and she also enjoys listening to music in her free time. 

This year Djephnie’s goal is to pass all of her classes. Mr. Tucker is confident that she will continue to do great work because of the effort she puts in. She hopes to make all A’s and B’s in her classes this year. She also plans to do whatever she can to increase her GPA. 

Djephnie is a great example of a passionate and dedicated student. Her effort does not go unnoticed!