Claire Sutton, CFNN Reporter

Outstanding teacher here at Cape Fear, Mrs. Bartell is the teacher of the week! With her positive attitude and bubbly personality, she has inspired and encouraged many students to always put their very best effort forth. Mrs. Bartell makes it her mission to make sure that her students are getting educated and learning concepts that will help them even after high school.

After graduating from high school, Bartell continued her education and love for English at Ohio State University. “I found a love for writing there that I have never lost,” she said. Mrs. Bartell shares her love for writing with her students everyday and pushes them to widen their vocabulary and writing skills.

Bartell has had many accomplishments in her teaching career and continues to leave lasting impressions on her students. “I think my biggest accomplishment will always be seeing the students I have taught graduate from high school and walk across the stage and receive their diploma,” she said. Despite anything, she always puts her students’ education and success first.

Mrs. Bartell has been teaching for a total of 20 years. We are lucky to have her as one of our English teachers here at Cape Fear! She has brought life to our English department, as Bartell has an obvious passion for teaching.

“My favorite part of teaching is inspiring my students and seeing the excitement on their faces when they discover how bright they truly are,” Bartell stated. 

Former student Hayden Willaford stated that Bartell’s class was always interesting and fun. While English is not everyone’s favorite subject, Mrs. Bartell works hard to make her classes interesting and intriguing for most students.

“I enjoyed her class because she gave good instruction and she was always laid back and very helpful,” said former student Jessie Hales.

Bartell has helped many students during their high school careers and continues to lead her students to success. With virtual learning, communicating with students becomes ten times harder for teachers. Mrs. Bartell is still determined to teach her students to the best of her ability under these unfortunate circumstances.

An interesting fact about Mrs. Bartell is that her husband is actually a teacher as well! They both have a passion for teaching and love what they do. “We bounce ideas off each other. I think we encourage and support each other in our chosen fields,” said Bartell. 

We are blessed to have such wonderful teachers like Mrs. Bartell here at Cape Fear. Teachers like Bartell are what make Cape Fear such an amazing family and school!