Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

This week’s student of the week is Yumika “Nicole” Gilroy. Nicole is extremely involved in her community and school! She is a Junior at Cape Fear this year.

Nicole actually enjoys online learning. Virtual learning is going a lot better than she expected it to. “It’s a lot less stressful and makes me feel more in control of myself,” she stated. 

She also really enjoys the hour and half students now get for lunch. Nicole likes to use this time to cool down and regroup before her last classes. 

What Nicole misses most about school in person is being able to see her favorite teachers. She misses seeing Coach Grates and Mrs. Edmonds in-person everyday.

This semester Nicole is taking Pre-Calculus Honors, AP Environmental Science, Spanish 1, and Health Science 1. Out of those classes, her favorites are AP Environmental Science and Spanish 1. 

She likes Spanish 1 because Mrs. Pritchett is very lenient and lets students socialize like they would in face to face learning. 

Nicole really enjoys AP Environmental science because Mrs. Lee understands that students have other classes that they have to work for. “That helps me out a lot,” she said. “I have softball and work after school and my Pre-Calc homework takes me most of the night when I get home.”

Nicole was upset when softball was unable to start. Fortunately, they were able to begin workouts a few weeks ago. They also have more rules than normal to follow, and they are able to go about twice a week. 

Nicole was nominated by Mrs. Hancock. Mrs. Hancock stated, “Nicole Gilroy has been attentive, enthusiastic, and engaged every single day.” Nicole carries this attitude towards all her classes.

The best thing about Nicole is that she does not try to compare herself with others. Instead, she always pushes herself to be better than she was last year.