Stephen Smith, CFNN Reporter

If I could go into 2021 investing in a company’s stock, I would invest in a thrifting company. According to, ¨The Thrift Stores industry is estimated to grow an annualized 1.4% to $10.3 billion.” Due to the increasing push for sustainability, and the new Gen-Z approach to fashion, expect to see a lot more thrifting being done.

Sustainability in fashion is something that more brands are pushing for. H&M, a popular clothing brand came under fire in 2018 for its fast-fashion business model. Fast fashion is the effort of producing clothing out fast for the season, that is cheaply made to be sold for a greater profit. We’ve all been told ¨wear it once and then throw it out¨ and that’s the exact idea of fast-fashion.

H&M, following the controversy, released an-eco friendly line of clothing, one that focused on sustainability. This pleased many of the critics, but H&M lost respect as a company.

Sustainability is the message of a green future, one that is eco-friendly. That’s why thrifting is picking up speed. Thrifting provides new life for clothes, fabrics, households and even books. When the consumer buys a thrifted item they know that they have contributed to a greener future, and gave new life to a thrown out piece.

¨Shockingly, every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned globally,¨ according to

TikTok has pretty much shaped Gen-Z fashion trends, and brought back some old ones that no one thought were gonna return.

TikTok is an app that influences people in an array of ways, from compelling them to learn the newest dance, to encouraging them to find more sustainable ways of fashion. 

The ¨TikTok Style¨ can be described as vintage with a touch of modern fashion. The idea of finding these unique pieces that no one else has, and spicing it up with something more common. These unique pieces are called ¨statement pieces¨. 

TikTok is super important to pushing thrifting because more people are being shown with their outfits on the app everyday, every person has a different outfit, a different expression and if thrifted, a different statement piece. 

The appeal of thrifting is also of course, the price. At Goodwill everything is a flat price, regardless of the brand. Walmart and Gucci will be the same price, which opens up the floor of opportunity for a good bargain! 

The fun about thrifting is the search, you never know what you’re gonna get. Whether you’re going thrifting to be more sustainable, more trendy or you’re just plain curious, you’re still supporting a sustainable and eco friendly way of shopping.