Claire Sutton, CFNN Reporter

The enthusiastic and well-known Mr. Young is teacher of the week! With his awesome personality and hands-on activities, he has brought many students to love his classes. Young is an amazing teacher and is passionate about his students and their success. 

Young is from Bolton, North Carolina in Columbus County. He has been a part of agriculture ever since he was a little kid. “I was raised on a farm and have benefited and used agriculture as a part of day to day life,” Mr. Young replied.

Mr. Young attended the University of Mount Olive where he received his Bachelors of Science degree. He is currently enrolled at NC A&T State University in order to receive his Masters of Science in Agricultural Education. His goal is to graduate in May of 2021!

Young has been teaching for three years and we are so glad to have him as a part of our science program. Teaching Horticulture I, Horticulture II, Horticulture II – Landscaping and sometimes Agriscience Applications, he has taught a variety of different students here at Cape Fear. Young is definitely a student favorite. His enthusiasm and fun attitude makes students excited to attend his class.

During his time here at Cape Fear, Young has had many accomplishments. “My biggest accomplishments have been training FFA teams to compete in Career Development Events at the State Level in efforts to compete at the National Level,” Young stated. Mr. Young’s success with his students last year consisted of the Nursery and Landscape CDE team placing third in the state and the Floriculture team placing 6th. He also had the opportunity to help one of his students receive a silver placing on his Nursery Operations Proficiency Award at the National level.

Young’s students receive the best hands-on instructions and experiences when it comes to learning set curriculum by the state. Students of Mr. Young’s have also put in a lot of effort into the spring plant sale, fall mum sale, and the Christmas Poinsettia Sale. “I plan these sales so that students can have an authentic learning experience so that they are interested in the horticulture industry and have some literacy on the processes in which they are learning about,” he said.

Young is an easy someone to talk to and a great role model for his students. He is fantastic at making bonds and connections with all of his students. It is not unusual to hear students talking about how much they love Mr. Young and his class. “My favorite part about teaching is helping students get to the next level in their education experiences whether they go to college or they go straight into industry work. I want to assist my students in helping them build their future the best way I can,” Mr. Young stated. 

When Mr. Young is not teaching and interacting with his students, he enjoys baking and making desserts. A fun fact about Young is that he actually has a small bakery where he makes different homemade desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, and cheesecakes. 

Young has brought life to the science program at Cape Fear and continues to widen many students’ horizons and opportunities even after high school. His unique teaching style and fun personality has brought joy to his classroom. We are so blessed to have such an amazing teacher here at Cape Fear!