Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

This week’s student of the week is no stranger to hard work! Tazmine, better known as “Taz,” Greenway is a great student bound for success. 

Taz is currently taking Health Science 1 Honors, Spanish 2, Speech and Debate Honors, and AP Literature. Out of all these classes Taz likes Speech and Debate, and AP Literature best. “Both of the classes are awesome, with amazing teachers and students who are fun to work with and be around.” Taz stated. 

If Taz had to choose one class, she would pick Speech and Debate. “There’s just so much we do outside of school, and it really feels like we all connect really well,” she said.

Even though Taz likes her classes, she doesn’t like virtual learning. Virtual learning is hurting her mentally by causing her stress. She also hates it because she lives a long way away from her friends, so she is unable to see them. 

Taz is very involved in extracurricular activities. Other than Speech and Debate, she is in Beta Club and is a freshman mentor. On top of that, she’s also on our school’s lacrosse team. “I can’t wait to just be with the people in these clubs/sports,” she said.

In her free time Taz loves to bake, listen to music, read and write. This is why she really enjoys the AP Literature reading project. It gives her an excuse to relax and read a good book. 

After high school Taz wants to go to UNC Wilmington. “I’ve not entirely decided on my major but I want something in the medical field.” Taz stated. Her overall goal is to help people. 

Her other goal in life is to travel. She wants to visit every state in America. Eventually, she wants to visit every continent except for Antarctica because she doesn’t like the cold. 

Taz wants to travel because she wants to experience everything the world has to offer. “I think traveling and experiencing the world, different cultures, different people, and different ideas is truly living.” She said. 

With her friendly personality and dedication to success, there is no doubt that Taz will go far in life!