The conversation for the NFL MVP has been a heated topic over the past few weeks. With so many great options, who’s going to bag the esteemed title this year?

Colin Cowherd had a great segment in his show a few weeks ago. He talked about the dilution of the term “MVP” and that some people throw around the word like it’s a title any player can wear. But when it comes down to it, it means “Most Valuable Player.” So the question we have to ask is “Who is the most valuable player to their team?”

Derrick Henry has had a year for a running back that we haven’t seen since LaDainian Tomlinson 15 years ago. In 378 attempts, he has 2027 yards and 17 TDs. Per game, he averages 126.7 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 reception. Henry is a menace to a D-Line. But is he The Most Valuable Player in the NFL?

Henry’s quarterback Ryan Tannehill has some real offensive weapons in AJ Brown, Corey Davis, and Jonnu Smith. Tannehill has 481 attempts this season, and Henry has touched the ball 378 times. He’s a great player, but Herny is out of the question despite his monumental year.

Let’s look at some of the other Golden Boys of the NFL. Josh Allen has had a fantastic year with 4544 passing yards, 37 passing touchdowns, 421 rushing yards, 8 rushing touchdowns, and… 10 interceptions. You almost had me Josh; you carried my fantasy team last year and you’re probably my favorite young QB in the NFL, but those 10 interceptions really hurt you when you look at the competition.

If there was a Most Improved award, Allen would definitely snatch this up without a question. Though he gets most of the credit for his breakout year and increased accuracy with the ball, Stefon Diggs has been nearly unguardable since week 10 against the Seahawks (barring the Chargers game, but the Bills still made it out of that one alive). When Cole Beasly is healthy, he’s one of the best slot receivers in the NFL.

Top 2… I wonder who it could be…

Patrick Mahomes is one of, if not the best quarterback in the NFL. His quick decision-making, throws on the run, and mobility (not to be confused with speed) are what makes him so dominant on the field, but once again, we are talking about the Most Valuable Player to their team compared to any other player.

 Patrick Mahomes has more threats than I can count on one hand. Andy Reid has somehow snagged some of the best receivers and backs in the league while also managing an insane defense. Let’s name some receivers: Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman, Demarcus Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Clyde-Edwards Helaire, and Le’Veon Bell.

Now you can make the argument that these players are the threats because of Patrick Mahomes, which is partially true, but you give me any starting quarterback in the NFL to sit in the pocket behind that O-Line with those receivers running routes, I guarantee that they will be able to complete a pass.

But, Krabby Patty Mahomes’ stats speak for themselves. 4740 passing yards, 38 touchdowns, a couple of rushing touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions. The man’s a beast. But he is no Aaron Rodgers. Not yet at least.

Now, this is where a slight media bias comes into play. I’m a Packers fan, have been my whole life. I saw the come and go of Brett Favre. I watched the Wild Card, 10-6 Packers win over the Steelers. And above all of those things, I have witnessed the rise and rise and rise of Aaron Rodgers.

It’s like a fine wine- it just gets better with age. The only QBs to have the stats Aaron Rodgers has this year is Aaron Rodgers from his previous seasons. He’s got 4299 passing yards, 48 passing touchdowns, 3 rushing touchdowns, and only 5 interceptions. His average passer rating this year is 121.5- 13 points high than Mahomes and 14 points higher than Josh Allen.

Granted, he does have the best O-line in the NFL, his offensive threats are more limited than that of Mahomes. Aaron Jones and Davante Adams are two of the best players at their respective positions, but both have missed games this season, and Rodgers has been able to adapt.

He is the only Packer to have thrown a pass this year and he has thrown TDs to 11 different receivers. And he is a hated QB. Many people don’t like Rodgers for whatever reasons, but you cannot argue with 48 touchdowns and 5 interceptions.

Back to the main focus of this topic: Who is the Most Valuable Player to their team? It has to be Aaron Rodgers, and I don’t think that’s a hot take. The Packers’ offense would not be able to function without the mobile, methodical mastermind of the pocket.

If I had to rate those behind him though, I’d say Patrick Mahomes is second, then Josh Allen, then Derrick Henry. I can’t wait to see what the Post-season has in store for all of these players though.

So let me know in the comments who I missed and who should’ve been in the race. Stay tuned for an Article on the first round of the Post-season (where neither Mahomes nor Rodgers will play.)