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Trinkets is a show about a girl by the name of Elodie Williams, who, tragically lost her mother in a fatal car accident. She was then forced to move from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Portland, Oregon, where she was forced to live with her father, who abandoned her years ago, along with his new wife, and step-brother. 

Not happy with the drastic changes in her life, she started to shoptlift and steal, which landed her in a shoplifters anonymous club meeting. There she meets Moe Traux and Tabitha Foster. Two other shoplifters and kindred spirits. 

At first their relationship is bumpy and tense, as Tabitha and Moe have been friends for several years, but eventually stopped hanging out all together. They reconnect their friendship and bring Elodie into their odd friendship. Through the TV show, they navigate both family issues and school drama, as well as just be there for each other. 

Here’s a bit more about each character individually:

Elodie Davis

Elodie (who is played by actress Brianna Hildebrand) is the most reserved of the three characters. Her aggression toward her father is one of the biggest conflicts that bubbles to the surface throughout the two seasons that haved been aired on Netflix thus far. 

Her father, Doug, abandoned her when she was young. He soon remarried to a woman named Jenna. How happy they look as a family causes a sense of isolation from Elodie and her family. She feels as though she doesn’t belong in Oregon. She takes out her anger and sadness about everything through shoplifting. 

Around the end of season one, she meets a girl named Sabine who is a professional singer. She meets her at a small club and they hit it off almost immediately. After only about a month of dating, Sabine asks Elodie to join her on a musical tour. During this period of time her relationship with her father progressively worsens, as he discovers her stash of stolen goods earned through shoplifting. During the last episode of season one, she takes up Sabine’s offer and joins her on the road, running away from home.

At the beginning of season two, only three days after leaving Oregon, Elodie catches Sabine cheating on her with an old “friend” and decides to go back home. As punishment for running away, her father took everything out of her room, leaving nothing but the urn containing her mother’s ashes and her bed. He forces her to join an after-school club to learn something other than stealing, so she chooses band class. 

Moe Traux

Moe (played by Kiana Maderia) is a very academically gifted student. She is known for her natural sarcastic remarks and her cynicism toward the world. She is raised by her mom who is constantly at work as a nurse. Her dad is in Jail. She has an older brother named Ben, but during season 1, he’s away at military school. 

During the entirety of season one and a bit of two, she is in a relationship with a guy named Noah. She’s afraid of commitment and finds it hard to start a relationship with Noah at first, before finally settling down and telling Noah she loves him. 

Tabitha Foster 

Tabitha Foster (played by Quintessa Swindel) is a character who, at the beginning of season 1, is stuck in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Bradey. Her two rich parents are somewhat overdrawn and not there for her emotionally, which isolates her. Around the middle of season one, she catches her dad cheating on her mom. 

During this time she realizes she doesn’t want to be stuck in a crappy situation with an abusive man. She ends up breaking up with Bradey on her birthday. In retaliation, Bradey hacks into her social media to post provocative photos of her. He also keeps her watch, a gift from her Grandpa. The girls end up breaking into Bradeys car to get the watch back and take it on a joyride, later crashing it. 

My opinions

10/10: it’s definitely a binge worthy TV show. I love the visuals in the show. Every outfit and setting is beautiful in its own way. They do a great job in characterization through their outfits.

The character development throughout the show is excellent. It feels like each character grows so much, throughout the show. Tabitha is by far my favorite character because of the growth she experiences through season 1. She starts out almost entitled, and almost stuck up, but changes drastically from a cynic to someone who’s loving and stands up for the people she loves. She actively strives for change with each episode. She’s more open with herself as well. 

All around the show is only about 20 episodes long and one hundred percent worth the watch. If you have a couple hours to spare and a bag of popcorn, Its definitely a bingeworthy show.