CFNN Reporter Chloe Bloomfield

Ms. Angela Spry is an earth science teacher at our very own Cape Fear High school. She’s been in education for 20 years, she’s hardworking, energetic, outgoing and definitely a type-A personality. 

Ms. Spry’s teaching style is a direct reflection of her personality. Her assignments and activities are very interactive and she loves to laugh and have fun with her students. While she is a very fun teacher, she is not a fan of excuses. Rather than lying about their mistakes, she wants her students to be honest and learn from them. “Every day is an opportunity to make better choices,” has always been Ms. Spry’s motto in her classroom. 

Before remote learning, Ms. Spry enjoyed greeting her class with a warm smile. Though unable to physically now, she still tries to check in on each student every day. 

Not being able to see each student in person, she believes in the importance of checking and offering help to them often. Ms. Spry frequently sends her students “wellness checks”, they’re surveys for her students to fill out asking about their well-being, how life at home is going, and if she can help them with anything they need. 

Her teaching style hasn’t changed much moving online. She still likes to keep her lessons fun and interactive, however with the technical difficulties that students face she has been more flexible on deadlines to ensure everyone gets their work in. 

In her free time, Ms. Spry loves to travel with her family. She can’t wait to be able to get out and take a big family vacation. 

She has a year-round garden in her backyard where she organically grows her own fruits, veggies, and herbs. She likes to know that her food isn’t full of pesticides and other chemicals.

Ms. Spry loves to read novels and cook new foods. While being stuck at home Ms. Spry has enjoyed putting together puzzles, and getting projects around the house knocked off the “to-do list”.

Ms. Spry has 5 cats, OB, Grace, Tilly, Calie, and Ziggy. They all come in and out of the house. In addition to the cats, she wants to save a puppy now that most of her children are old enough and mature enough to drive and take care of themselves. 

We look forward to see what Ms. Spry has in store for her students as she starts to teach in blended learning this week. We know here at Cape Fear that Mrs. Spry will continue to uplift her students both in and out of the classroom!