by Marina Castro-Alejo

Cape Fear’s boys’ and girls’ golf teams have been practicing hard for their matches. The match against Terry Sandford was especially intense. The boys’ golf team played their hearts out, representing Cape Fear with colt pride. 

Coach Edge felt good about the match before they even started playing, despite being wary about the conditions of the greens. They also had to worry about the wind being a factor in their uphill battle toward winning.

In an interview with Coach Edge after the match, he said, “The conditions were not what we would have liked to play our best. The greens had been aerated the week before. They were sandy and we had a constant 14 to 20 mph wind. Overall we played well but Terry Sandford played a few strokes better.” 

These obstacles were quite challenging for both teams but they played their best. 

The final score for the match of the boys’ golf teams was 310 strokes to 313 strokes. Cape Fear barely lost this match,  up by only 3 strokes. 

The scoring works by taking the scores of the 4 golfers and adding them all together. 

Freshman Gavin Drose shot an 80, Sophomore Nick Perry shat a 79, and both Alex Benbeniek and Luke Mcquorodale shot 77s. Congratulations to these young men for representing Cape Fear. 

Later in his interview, Coach Edge said, “The team was a little disappointed after the game and felt that they could have played better… We’re happy we were able to play. Just getting back to the course was truly wonderful.”

The Golf teams are off to a promising start and have an even more promising future. We look forward to seeing what they will be able to do with the rest of the season and next year. We wish you guys the best of luck and Go Colts!