News cruise 

“On Tues, The News Cruise Crews Peruses Throughs the Schoos” 

On May 4th, the entire news crew decided to wander around the school, popping into random classrooms, to find random news stories. 

Our first stop was the art room, there we viewed many students working hard to make an plethora of beautiful pieces of art, Including Nona Artis, who was working on an acrylic based painting, of three wine glasses. Alongside this artwork, the classroom itself was amazing, the teacher, Mrs. Bullard, had snacks set out for all of her students, including cosmic brownies and fudge browns. Her classroom was neatly set up, down to every set of colored pencils being organized. 

Hudson McFadyen, the senior editor saw new sights as he traveled through the building. “I’ve never been in the art room or Ag building in all 4 years at this school. It was really weird seeing something so new but also so familiar.” 

Hudson wished he had seen some of these rooms sooner and got to take some of the classes that he observed. “If you are a junior or lower, I highly recommend that you branch out and take classes you wouldn’t normally take. Those are usually the most fun.”

We stopped in the Ag building on our lap around the outside. Many students never step foot into this building, if you don’t have a class in it, you’ll never have to walk to that corner of our campus.  On one side of the building you have the auto shop, where students learn to take care of and work on different vehicles. The other side of the building holds the classrooms for the agricultural classes. 

After our stop at the Ag building we then all decided we needed to hit the gym, so we checked out the weight room. The only students that really go into the weight room are our student athletes. The weight room is a little building outside next to our football field, inside it has 12 racks of equipment, football gear, and individual weights. It’s a very spacious room with plenty of space for athletes to work out comfortably.

We also went to the auditorium. There we saw our orchestra practicing. The auditorium is a great setup for our music department to practice because there is a stage and many chairs for an audience like there will be when they actually perform. Cape Fear also performs plays and holds the homecoming pageant here. 

We then went into the “FOC,” or Football Operations Center and saw where the coaches, defensive and offensive, talk about the games and game plays. We saw Coach Grates’ office where he showed us some jokes that they tell the players. 

One of the rooms we observed on our news cruise was the ROTC classroom. Not many people who attend Cape Fear High School have been in this room except for those who take this class. The room is set up so that when you walk in the door there is a short hallway that leads into the open classroom. All anyone who passes by ever sees is the wall right through the door which has the Marine Corp emblem painted on it. As you walk through the door and down the short hallway the wall on your left has each cinder block painted blue or gold showing colt pride. During our time in the room the students were discussing classes that could be added to take that would be helpful after high school. Many of the ideas they had were classes that teach students about finances. 

Reece Eason, a sophomore at Cape Fear said “After observing some of the different classes here at Cape Fear, I am encouraged to take classes that I normally wouldn’t. I would love to take Mrs. Bullards art class, the students looked like they enjoyed the class and Mrs. Bullard seems like a great teacher.”