Grace Sherbert & Kerrigan Brown

On Monday August 30th, JV Soccer Boys Soccer had an intense game against Richmond High School. The Colts ended up taking a 4-0 loss, but they played hard.

“We didn’t lose because we suck, we lost because we were not playing together,” said sophomore midfielder Chase Jacobs. “The team is lacking major chemistry.” 

The young Colts started the match strong and aggressive, but by the second half, Richmond had begun to control the game. 

“The boys aren’t playing as a team yet,” said Head Coach Brian Pagan. “But we will work harder to get there.” 

A foul called on Chase Jacobs led to some arguing with the referees, and it definitely fired the team up for the remainder of the match.

Some players really showed great teamwork and leadership on the field. Two freshmen, Gavin Gamble and Jacob Fisher, really stood out at Monday’s game. 

“We need to work on our communication skills and work ethic.” stated Gamble as he reflected on the team’s performance.

Even though the game ended in a Cape Fear loss, the Colts played hard and put up a good fight. Both the JV and Varsity teams have a lot of work to do, but hopefully they will come back stronger at the next game, and ready to bring home a win for the Cape Fear Colts. 

The Colts play the Dark Horses from Clinton High School at Cape Fear High on Tuesday, August 31st. Stay tuned to find out how our boys do and see if they come out with a “dub!”