Mary Catherine Shook

This week’s Student Of The Week is Richard ¨RJ¨ Mcdonald. He is a basketball and a football star who is very popular among the students and coaches at Cape fear High School. RJ has shown leadership on and off the field and the court to the delight of his coaches and teammates. He has caught the attention of several high profile college programs for his tremendous talent on the field. This started when he attended some college football camps this summer.

RJ has a lot of hopes for this football season. “We’re really good this year,” he said. “I think we´ll be able to make it to states.¨  He’s been playing football ever since he was eight years old, however, this is his first full football season at Cape Fear. 

¨RJ played (football) freshman year but eventually decided to focus all his effort on basketball,¨ said assistant football coach Joe Grates.

This was a hard decision for RJ considering that he loves both sports. But choosing basketball, his main sport, was what he felt like he needed to do. 

This paid off immensely when our basketball team made it to the third round in the playoffs his sophomore year.

His basketball coach, Alphonsa Key adds ¨He goes above and beyond when it comes to playing the game. He’s incredible.¨ 

He is also known as the one player that you want in a leadership position. ¨He’ll stay after practice and work with the quarterback and the other kids to further their skills as well as his own. He stays to get in extra reps and passes, he’s for sure dedicated. His actions show he is a role model.¨ says Grates. This really shows the tremendous impact RJ has had on his team.

RJ Mcdonald was an easy choice for Student Of The Week based on his success in athletics and his general leadership skills for his team. We thank him for all of his dedication and time he puts in to make an overall good team. Stay tuned for the next student of the week article coming out next week.