CFNN Reporter Alden Bostic

On Wednesday, September 8th, the men’s cross country team hosted a race at home for the first time since 2015. In only their second race of the season, Cape Fear continues to surprise, and they still have high hopes for another Conference Championship. The Colts ran hard and tallied another solid performance with three runners finishing in the top ten and another two runners not far behind.

from left to right, Colin Gaddy, Caleb Knuden, Alden Bostic, Max Risenmay, and Noah Magness

Max Risenmay, a new runner for the Colts,won the race with a first place finish and a time of 19.05. Risenmay transferred to Cape Fear from Terry Sanford, which has helped bolster the Colts’ already strong lineup. 

Although he won the race, Risenmay was not feeling his best during the race.  “I felt terrible,” he recalled. “Then I threw up, and then I felt better.”

Out of the first five boys to finish the race, three of them were wearing blue and gold: Max, Caleb Knudsen with a time of 19:27, and Colin Gaddy finishing at 19:44. 

Unfortunately, all of the team’s hard work came to no avail after the team was disqualified. A runner for Cape Fear did not run the course correctly, cutting off about three minutes of course time. 

This led to the entire team’s points being omitted and the Colts were from the official scoring in the meet. 

A storm rolled in right as the women’s team was walking to the start line. Unfortunately, due to the thunder and lightning delays, they were forced to postpone the event and reschedule the race for a later date. 

Come out and watch the Colts as they run again this Wednesday, September 15th at Jack Britt High School!