Sydney Pate

A new school year is always an interesting experience for students. Being new to an environment can be scary and exciting for anyone. Cape Fear always makes sure that the transition from summer break to the school year is as smooth as possible. Not only does the school try to make it a comfortable transition for students, but also for teachers and staff. 

At Cape Fear, we have many wonderful teachers and admirable staff members to get us through the year. Although we have veteran teachers that we love, there are some new teachers this year that look forward to being a part of the Cape Fear family.

Mr. Nathan Hartman, the new director of bands at Cape Fear, says he “immediately felt welcome,” when asked about the sense of community in the school. Starting here in June, Mr. Hartman has only been working with students for about 4 months but is already loved by the entire band and colorguard. 

Mr. Hartman directs the band

Hartman has already set long-term goals for the upcoming school year; he wants to finish out the marching season strong. “I’d like to introduce some new music for the concert season,” he said. “I’m excited to see what the band can do off the field as well.” Being new, Hartman knows that he does have a lot to live up to, and so far he has done a fantastic job!

When walking in the halls, make sure to say “¡Hola!” to our new Spanish teacher, Yadiraliz Hawks! Although this is her first year at Cape Fear, it’s not her first year teaching. Mrs. Hawks started working at Cape Fear in May and was reunited with her old friend, Marta Godo de Lucas. 

Hawks and Lucas had worked together for two years at Cumberland International. Hawks was very excited to work with Lucas again. “I really missed working with her,” Mrs. Hawks said of her friend and colleague.

Mrs. Hawks takes the time to look at her lesson plan

Hawks is is also the supervisor of the International Club at Cape Fear. She would like to continue this club as she progresses and get more students involved. In the International Club, students will get to learn about different countries and their cultures, learn dances from those countries, and even eat food from those countries. “It is an introduction for the kids who are interested in learning about different countries,” she said 

Mrs. Hawks has a lot of experience in new environments, she has traveled to over five different countries. Hawks says that “everybody has been very nice, very helpful,” when asked if she felt welcome at Cape Fear. Cape Fear High sure knows how to accommodate and welcome new staff. 

Having a new teacher is often nerve-wracking, being the new teacher can only be worse. Because of Cape Fear’s welcoming staff and community the new teachers have made the transition look effortless. Students and staff alike have made the change go smoothly for the new additions and they all plan to do great things while here. Cape Fear is happy to have them all for years to come!