CFNN Reporter Ansley Thomas

After being sidelined for 2 weeks due to COVID protocols, the Cape Fear Colts took on the Lumberton Pirates on Saturday, September 18, 2021. They looked like they hadn’t taken a single day off, winning handily 41-0. The Colts are now 3-0, which seems to be the sign of a winning streak for this team. 

The Colts getting ready before charging the field. Taken by Emily grace raynor

The Colts defense is top tier right now. They’ve now had two shutouts in a row. The defense managed 5 takeaways including two defensive scores. Junior Christopher Krings who plays tackle for the Colts said ¨Our defense is good at flying to the ball and gang tackling.¨ 

Sophomore Rico McDonald, star cornerback for the Colts, had 2 interceptions. One Of those was a pick-six.  Austin Seagroves also scored on a fumble recovery in the fourth quarter, which put the Colts up 40 points. That’s when the clock began running.

According to NCHSAA rules, any time a team is up by 40 points or more, the clock begins running continuously. Needless to say, the Cape Fear defense loves to see this happen. 

Cole Wilson, junior quarterback, passed for 213 yards with 3 touchdown passes. Ethan Weinand, who was awarded player of the game, had 51 yards and scored 2 touchdowns. RJ Mcdonald led the team in receptions with 4 catches and 61 yards. Running back Favour Murtala had 38 yards. Chase Dorsey-Williams, the junior running back for the Colts, also scored on a 3-yard run.

Sophomore Jeremiah Melvin scored his first touchdown and finished the night with 87 yards receiving. Melvin decided to take his freshman year off of football to focus on basketball, but when he heard about the brotherhood and atmosphere that Colt football brings, he knew he wanted to be a part of it. 

¨It felt good to score my first touchdown and see a reward for my hard work. This is just the beginning though, there’s many more to come” said Melvin. 

Coach Jake Thomas said, ¨We had a really good week of practice this week, our hard work definitely helped lead us to success. As long as we can continue to practice hard and stay focused I feel like we will be successful.¨

The Colts are taking on Knightdale at home at 7:00 p.m., this friday September 24.¨As long as we stay focused and watch the ball so we don’t get careless penalties or false starts, I feel like it will be a good game¨ said Sophomore Rico McDonald.