CFNN Reporters Kerrigan Brown and Grace Sherbert

On Monday September 13, the Cape Fear Varsity Boys Soccer won their first game of the season. The Colts traveled to 71st High School and absolutely dominated the field, winning 4-2. It was a glorious day for Colt Nation and our Varsity Soccer Team. 

The savage Colts walked onto there field with no doubt in their minds that they would come out with a victory.

Trent Bunce poses for a picture

The first half started and the Colts went flying. The Colts used partnership and cooperation, and great team soccer to get a hold of the ball and maintain it all through the first half.

The focus for Cape Fear was on controlling the ball, passing, and making sure they got the most out of every possession. 

All-star Trent Bunce, a senior this year, scored the first goal of the game with an assist by Maddox Terwilliger (Freshman). This goal left the Falcons in the dust and feeling defeated. 

One goal wasn’t enough for Bunce. He went on to score not two, but three goals on the Falcons, ending the evening with a Hat Trick. Bunce brought his “A” Game Monday night and definitely was a key part in the Colt victory.  

“The Falcons didn’t expect us today. They thought just because we lost all of our other games that this game would be effortless,” Bunce said after the match. 

The second half of the match saw a determined Falcon team fuming from their halftime pep talk. They scored a goal within minutes of the start of the half. Shortly after, Andrew Sneed (sophomore) got a chance for a free kick and buried a shot into the goal. 

Head Coach Rico Mitchell, made a quick decision toward the end of the match, switching up the formation. 71st ended up scoring one more goal in the 80th minute, but it wasn’t enough to match the Colts.

“First win of the season and is gonna be first of many.” Terwilliger boasts. The Colts are confident that this is the start of a winning streak. The team is pumped up and confident for the rest of their season. 

Cape Fear High is beyond proud of the Boys Soccer Team on pulling their first win of the season. Stay tuned to see how they perform against the Eagles from Douglas Byrd  Wednesday in Colt Territory.