CFNN Reporter Nick Perry

On Monday, September 13, 2021, the Cape Fear girls’ golf team won a conference tournament with Lexi Perez representing the girls’ golf team. The team played in the United 8 conference girls match at Baywood golf course, and Perez shot her career lowest round, with a score of 85. 

Perez has had a great year thus far, averaging the lowest of all girls in the county by 4.2 strokes. 

“I came into this year with a determined mentality,” said Perez. Her determination is evident. Perez has dropped her scoring average this year by an awesome 5 strokes. Dropping a golf scoring average by that many strokes after only taking up golf in her freshman year of high school takes a lot of practice and determination. 

This match saw the Cape Fear girls’ shoot the three lowest golf rounds in school history, with a total score of 276. 

Girls’ golf is not highlighted very often, but the excitement is definitely there. Many people are unaware of the effort, skill, and amount of practice this sport requires. While there is no head to head or physical contact like other sports, golf is extremely technically difficult and requires a “zoned in” mentality. 

It also requires dedicated individual practice on a daily basis.This sport requires a lot of mental strength and focus. If you are having an off day, a teammate can not help you out or pick you up. it is all up to you to turn it around. Perez has definitely showcased this side of the game and her mental strength this year through her impressive determination and team leadership. 

For the past 4 years, Cape Fear has been a strong and talented girls’ golf program under Coach Todd Edge’s leadership.  In fact, Toni Blackwell and Gabby Bynum, two athletes from recent years, have broken girls’ high school golf records and earned college scholarships to go on and play golf at the collegiate level. 

“Lexi has been a great asset to this team for the past three years and has a very bright future,” Coach Edge said. 

Lexi and her team are looking forward to taking this golf team to another level this year. “I am looking forward to what the team and I can accomplish the rest of this season. I think we can make it really far,” she said. 

If these lower scores continue, the ladies are definitely on track to make this an epic year of golf for Cape Fear. We are looking forward to what the future holds for the Cape Fear girls’ golf team and what the team can accomplish this year!