Sydney Pate

As an avid reader I understand how hard it can be to find a book that immediately strikes your fancy. Some readers are okay with a slow beginning, while others can only really get into a book if it starts out at a fast pace. As someone who has spent hours wandering the aisles in the library in search of new material, selecting and then not even finishing those books, I thought that I’d be the perfect person to give a list of book recommendations. So get off of booktok because I’ve got the list for you.

Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1) by Rachel Hawkins

If you’re looking for a book with magic and romance in a realistic setting then Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins should be next on your reading list. Hex Hall had me hooked from the very first chapter. It’s a real page-turner about a witch, Sophie, who gets sent to a boarding school for kids like her. When her roommate and only friend gets accused of a murder Sophie doesn’t know who to believe. The series continues in the second and third books Demon Glass and Spell Bound. The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air, 1): 9780316310314:  Black, Holly: Books

If you’re someone who is looking for magic and romance in an unrealistic setting, a great book for you would be The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. In this book we follow a girl called Jude. Jude, the only mortal, has to learn how to make her way up the faerie hierarchy. With a fearsome father and a spoiled prince to worry about it isn’t going to be easy. When an attempt is made on the crown things take a turn for the worst, or do they? 

Beauty Shop for Rent:…Fully Equipped Inquire Within by Laura Bowers is a book that I loved. The plot centers on a girl named Abbey. She comes from a broken family, so she lives with her great grandmother. Abbey is a high school student who struggles with regular high school things and so much more that any other student couldn’t imagine. This book made me laugh, cry, and even scream. Beauty Shop for Rent is a book of emotion that is a must read. 

One of my all time favorite books is Prince Charming by Rachel Hawkins. The book, formerly known as Royals, is a dramatic tale. The story follows Daisy Winters. Daisy is just your average teen from Florida, except for the fact that her sister is engaged to the Prince of Scotland and heir to the throne. Since the engagement Daisy hasn’t been able to escape the nosey paparazzi and intrusive tabloids. Going to Scotland for the wedding should be a fun getaway right? Wrong. Daisy meets some very interesting people and a prince. Daisy comes to find out that the royal family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

Tricia Levenseller’s The Pirate King’s Daughter is perfect for a reader looking for a pirate adventure. The fearsome pirate captain Alosa is on a mission. She’s crafty, and clever, but when a handsome first mate gets in the way of everything she has to find a way around her feelings and finish her mission. But Alosa also has a secret, one that almost no one knows about, and those that do know about it fear her for it. Sailing the seven seas with an unfamiliar crew, Alosa better not trust the wrong people.

The final book on my list is a realistic story called The Kid Table. Andrea Seigel does an excellent job at telling the story of this hilarious family. Our main character, Ingrid, is always stuck at the Kid Table with her cousins who are all over the age of 16. That is, until Brianne gets a spot at the Adult Table! Ingrid’s relationship with her family has always been stable. Brianne, a sophomore in college majoring in psychology, goes “junior shrink” at the family Labor Day BBQ and decides that Ingrid is a psychopath. Since then the family hasn’t looked at Ingrid the same. Things get even worse for Ingrid when she meets Trevor. Ingrid has to keep her wits about herself when she finds herself in the midst of family drama and newfound feelings.