CFNN Reporter Ava Nelson

Here at Cape Fear, we have two new clubs that have recently popped up. The book club and the Anime/Manga club! The Anime/Manga club and the Book Club are being run by Ms. James, who works in the library. The Anime/Manga club is also being co-sponsored by Mrs. Reed. They are still looking for teachers to help run the clubs, so if you’re a teacher and interested in helping, email Ms. James.

What is Anime and Manga, you might ask? Anime are considered animated shows that air in Japan and speak the Japanese language. Some anime you might know would be Pokemon and Attack on Titan. Manga are Japanese comic books rather than animation. They are also published in black and white. Some series you might know are Dragon Ball or Naruto ( both later turned into a tv series).

Mrs James smiles for a picture

To join the Anime/Manga club or the book club you can check your email for a google form and fill it out to join the club of your choice. If you are unable to find the email, then email Ms. James, Mrs. Boyle or go to the library and ask. 

Not all kids play sports, so clubs like these are a great opportunity to let kids connect to the school through extracurricular activities and interact with other students and teachers with similar interests and hobbies. 🙶im looking forward to just developing the clubs more🙷 Ms. James said.

🙶The books that help you the most are those which make you think the most🙷 – Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Shadow of the wind, Ms. James quotes. The book club isn’t going to be like your boring English class where you’re reading a book for a grade. In the club, you will read books and then discuss the books with the other students.

🙶I been reading Anime and Manga ever since I was about yalls age.🙷 Ms. James said during her interview. Ms. James is a big fan of both and is very happy to be in charge of this club. In the Anime/Manga club, you will learn about Japanese culture surrounding the two topics. You can discuss animes and mangas you have watched and read and give/get suggestions of new animes and mangas you might like and enjoy.

Make sure to join the Anime/Manga or the book club if you’re interested! Get ready to find all new genres of Anime, Manga and books and learn all about Japanese culture. Don´t forget! You can email Ms. James if you are interested, have questions, or want to join the club!