CFNN Reporter Mary Catherine Shook

This week’s Student Of The Week is Alyssa Sweet, a senior here at Cape Fear High School. She is no doubt an excellent choice for student of the week. Alyssa is extremely  intelligent and does very well in school.

One thing Ayssa really enjoys is art. She is deemed as one of the better artists this year at school; working on more difficult projects and paintings. Alyssa loves taking the risk for a greater outcome. Currently, she is working on a skull painting. 

She says her passion for art stems from it being her first love.  “I love art but would never want to make a career out of it,” Sweet says. She likes to keep her art to herself, as she uses it as an emotional outlet. “Some people may use dark art as a way to get those dark feelings out.” 

Math is one of Alyssa’s stronger subjects in school. She is currently enrolled in AP Calculus, an incredibly difficult course. She loves to be challenged, especially in a subject she enjoys. 

Of all the many math teachers she’s had over the years, Sweet enjoys Mrs. Hancock’s class the most. ¨She’s very inspiring and is always in a good mood. She asks how our day is and makes sure we’re happy as well. She’s amazing!” She said.

Alyssa also loves to play video games when her mind needs a quick break from all the challenges of math. She used to play FPS (first person shooter) games with her little brother, and now she plays games where she can explore different scenes and enjoy the world through a digital screen. ¨In my free time I am either doing Calculus or playing video games,¨ said Sweet. 

Alyssa doesn’t just sit around the house, though! Some of her hobbies include roller skating and gardening with her mom. She loves spending time outside, both activities giving her access to nature. ¨I usually just skate around my neighborhood, and that’s enough for me.¨ 

¨Our garden is huge,” she adds. ¨It fills up almost all of my backyard.”

Alyssa smiles for the camera

Alyssa doesn’t garden all the time, but she enjoys it every once in a while. She likes to keep a few colorful flowers in her room, but she keeps the room decorations to a minimum. Her mom grows trees, flowers, and vegetables in their garden, which passed a love of nature and the outdoors down to Alyssa as well.

Being outside in nature is something that brings Alyssa a lot of joy as a way to relax and release the stress built up from school and everyday life. ¨My dad is very outdoorsy so we go on a lot of hikes.¨ Alyssa says. 

She loves the outdoors and exploring new things. Alyssa Sweet is a lovely person. She’s brave and loves to take risks to see how amazing the outcome can be. She loves to draw, paint, and do math. She enjoys plenty of hobbies outside of school to keep her active. She is an honor roll student who works incredibly hard and represents our school very well. Stay tuned for next week to see which Cape Fear Colt will get picked.