CFNN Reporter Nick Perry

On Thursday, September 23, the Cape Fear men’s soccer team defeated Terry Sanford 3-2 with the help of Maddox Terwilliger. This win was very big for the Colts for a number of reasons. 

First of all, the rivalry between the Colts and the Bulldogs has always been a “Carolina vs Duke” type matchup in Cumberland County Sports. In recent years, with students being so school spirited and witnessing several close games, it fuels the rivalry and gets very personal at times between the schools. 

Maddox at the Terry Sanford game

Maddox Terwilliger was a prime example of these personal targets. Going into Thursday’s game, there was some negative activity sent Terwilliger’s way by rival students. As a Freshman, Terwilliger had not experienced all of this yet, but he handled it well. He had a great game with an assist to Trent Bunce who scored twice in the game. 

For Terwilliger, being only 14 years old and to come out under that kind of pressure and make a key assist is very impressive. The Colts were definitely the underdog going into the game, but they still managed to pull through. Another reason this was a big win was that it fueled momentum for the team. This is definitely important because the Colts started the season 0-4. This win created hope and assurance for what the team could accomplish.

“I feel confident in the team right now and I am hopeful in what the future holds for us as a team and what we can accomplish for the rest of the season,” Terwilliger says about his team.

Maddox comes from a very athletic family with his older sister, Iris Terwilliger, being a multisport athlete. For the past four years, she has run cross country, track, played soccer, and swam for the school. His eldest sister, Lily, currently plays soccer and runs cross country at the collegiate level. She was also a multisport athlete when she attended Cape Fear.

Maddox Terwilliger has had a very impressive start to his high school career, not only making varsity as a freshman, but also contributing to the team with 2 goals and 5 assists on the season. Maddox has a very bright future and we are excited to see what this team can do for the rest of the year and hopefully make a deep run in the playoffs.